Blood Testing

What is a blood test used for?

Blood tests are used to support and aid the diagnosis of allergies at our clinic alongside other methods of diagnosis. For example, blood results are used with skin prick tests to diagnose whether a food is safe to be introduced into a patient’s diet. For environmental allergies, blood testing helps guide Professor Lack in assessing whether immunotherapy treatment may be suitable to treat your allergic symptoms. Blood tests also help diagnose causes of angioedema and urticaria, that have previously been unexplained on skin prick testing.

Blood Tests are performed by trained nurses and technicians offsite at the

following locations:

– 215 Great Portland Street:

The Doctors’ Laboratory on Wimpole Street.

– 49 Marylebone High Street:

London Medical, Ground Floor.

Blood tests will be requested by Professor Lack during your appointment. These tests cannot be requested by your GP due to their specificity.

Why do I need a blood test?

Blood tests are required to help diagnose many conditions relating to allergy. They are also important in the decision-making process for treatment plans including medications that may be required, symptom management and foods to avoid.

Blood test times vary depending on vein selection and viability. Blood results are usually processed within a few days but very detailed tests can take longer. Professor Lack and the administration team will advise you of wait times during your visit.

Will I need to do anything to prepare for the test?

Blood tests can be painful so it is best to prepare your child before you attend. Creams can be applied that help numb the skin and decrease the pain and it is important to breathe and remain calm. Please be aware that your child will still need to be held and comforted.

What does it entail?

A needle will be used to take a blood sample from you or your child, usually the inner part of the elbow. Trained nurses and technicians will assess you or your child and advise you. They will aim to help keep your child comfortable but your cooperation and assistance is required.