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Our Patient Care Philosophy

Professional & Specialist Care for You and Your Child

London Allergy Care & Knowledge specialise in extensive and innovative clinical services for infants, children and adults with allergic disorders. Our London Allergy Clinic provides world-class treatment and care for allergies and allergy-related complications from our highly qualified medical team whose primary focus is premium patient care.


The practice is founded and run by Professor Gideon Lack, a renowned allergist and pediatric allergy professor at King’s College London.

Alongside LACK, Professor Lack is the current Head of the Children’s Allergy Service at St Guy’s and also St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trusts. In 2010, he was awarded the William Frankland Excellence in Allergy Award by the British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Professor Lack is supported, in clinic, by a highly qualified and skilled team of nurses and consultants whose expertise and experience covers allergy care at all ages; making London Allergy Care and Knowledge is the most trusted practice in the field.

Our Medical Team

At our Allergy Test Clinic, patients receive world-class professional care from a medical team that focuses on food allergies, eczema, hay fever and asthma.

 Our philosophy centres on expert professional patient care. We work actively and proactively to treat our patients, looking to the future and long-term care, alongside continually innovating our methods and research in accordance with the latest medical developments. Our ultimate objective: to diagnose and treat allergies and allergy-related complications in a friendly, patient-centric environment.

Many people believe allergy care is merely identifying and avoiding certain allergic substances. The surprise and, quite often, relief of then informing parents and patients that they are not allergic to specific substances is very rewarding for our team. The reintroduction of a wide range of food groups is then closely monitored. Most commonly, patients present with a variety of symptoms that appear to be allergy-related but, after closer examination and understanding, can be more carefully and expertly diagnosed by our team.

As a result of the most recent and game-changing research, new treatments are now available for patients with food allergies, including peanut, egg and milk allergies. London Allergy Care offers care, support and understanding for infants, children and adults by establishing the cause of symptoms and creating personalised, specific treatment plans.

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