Appointments & Testing fees:

  • Initial consultation: £360
  • Follow up consultation £280
  • Skin prick testing: £240
  • Exhaled Nitric Oxide £120
  • Spirometry: £140

Payment: We accept most debit and credit cards except for American Express. Payment must be made on the same day of the appointment. We can accept payment by bank transfer and the invoice number must be used as a reference for the payment. Bank details can be emailed to you via our administrative team and they are also listed on the foot of the invoice. We do not accept cash payments at the moment due to Covid-19.



We offer a range of immunotherapy for pollen allergies, dander allergies as well as respiratory allergens such as dust mite, cladosporium and alternaria. Please enquire via our admin team for information on pricing. You will require an assessment along with diagnostic tests to confirm whether this would be the most appropriate course of treatment.

We have agreements with a variety of insurance companies. We always advise our patients to check with their insurance provider to ensure that they cover our services and what their excess may be.

We are familiar with the following insurance companies:

Medical insurances Codes
WPA 55764
Bupa 03112500
Cigna M103203
AVIVA 600000095

All patients must provide us with details of their insurance provider, membership number and pre-authorisation ahead of appointments.