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07493280048 / 07765977819
07493280048 / 07765977819

Main office address & Tuesday & Wednesday clinics:
London Medical
49 Marylebone High Street

Monday & Friday clinics:
The Portland Hospital
215 Great Portland Street

Useful Contacts

Anaphylaxis Campaign – formerly Anaphylaxis UK

This charity provide information, training and support for families or individuals who have had or are at risk of having an anaphylactic reaction.

MedicAlert, Mediband, AbsoluteID

These companies provide wearable ID which alerts others if you have an allergy. They are especially useful if you have a serious reaction, such as anaphylaxis, which renders you unable to speak or unresponsive. These alert ID pieces of jewellery will say what your allergies are and that adrenaline should be given. It is important that you wear these bands or necklaces at all times and that you carry your antihistamines and adrenaline pens, so that if you are unable to treat yourself, a member of the public who finds you, can use your medication on you to save your life.


Provide compact but bright safety carrier pouches that fit all brand of adrenaline auto-injectors. These can be stored in bags or attached to belt loops so that they are easily located and opened should emergency treatment be required.

Adrenaline auto-injectors manufacturer company websites which supply free trainer pens to families:

  1. provides training and free trainer devices for those prescribed with EpiPen
  2. This company also have a free app that can be downloaded onto Apple or Android devices which guide you through what to do in an emergency and will dial the emergency services.
  3. provide training and free trainer devices for those prescribed with Emerade pens.

Help and support for those with long term conditions: All give advice, training and support for families and individuals who have these conditions in their family.

  1. National Eczema Society
  2. Asthma UK